Welcome & thank you for purchasing an Ace Computer World Computer.

¨ Your new computer is sitting in front of you and you unpack it with anticipation.

¨ Questions & concerns are running through your mind, after all it looked easy at the store!

¨ A lot of money is spent on purchasing and upgrading computers & with a little maintenance & the right help, you can keep your computer running as good as the day you bought it.

¨ This logbook is designed to get you started & on the way to enjoying your new purchase.


1/. Maintenance Services are the owners responsibility.

You must retain evidence that proper maintenance has been performed on your computer. Claims made during the warranty term will not qualify for warranty if the failure results from lack of maintenance rather than defective material or workmanship.

2/. Service schedules are outlined on Page 12.

To maintain effective operation of your computer it is necessary to service it at 3, 9,15, 21 & 27 months of operation.

3/. You must deliver your computer to Ace Computer World to obtain warranty unless it is specified otherwise.


Now remember your new computer is very much like a car.

With a car you: –

¨ Put the right petrol into the tank,

¨ Check the oil in the motor

¨ Check air in the tyres, plus

¨ Learn how to drive your car (Take lessons if required.)


With your computer you: –

¨ Put data into your hard drive

¨ Check the Antivirus & or Spyware applications are up to date

¨ Check the fragmentation of the files & defragment if needed, plus

¨ Learn how to use your computer! (Take lessons if required)

When you purchase a new computer from Ace Computer World you receive a copy of our Ace Care Booklet to make it just that easier to get started and enjoy your purchase.