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  1. All items that are supplied come with a Manufacturer’s warranty.
  2. All Ace Computer World desktop computer systems come with a manufacturer’s warranty that covers all parts and labour to repair any mechanical defects for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase from Ace Computer World (unless the manufacturer has longer periods of warranty, which will then apply). The warranty is applicable in all Australian States and Territories with service being provided upon return (at Customers cost) to Ace Computer World. Optional on-site service agreements are available to cover full parts and labour for 12, 24 and 36 months Australia Wide.
  3. Notebooks sold by Ace Computer World come with a manufacturer’s warranty that covers all parts and labour for the specified time relevant to the individual product.
  4. The Ace Computer World warranty will only cover hardware repairs to items that can be readily identified as hardware items supplied by Ace Computer World and listed on the relevant Ace Computer World invoice; it is the customer’s responsibility to provide the invoice as proof of purchase. On-site service is not available for any third party peripheral items such as printers, tape drivers, digital cameras, scanners, CD-R writers, etc., which are covered by their manufacturer’s warranties and not included in an Ace Computer World on-site warranty, even if installed in an Ace Computer World System.
  5. The only persons authorised to service or repair Ace Computer World products are Ace Computer World employees or authorised agents of Ace Computer World. In the event of another dealer providing labour services while a system is under warranty, then it is left to the discretion of that dealer as to whether they charge for their services or not. Ace Computer World will not provide payment, but will as per the relevant Manufacturers guidelines replace parts provided they are returned to us and found after testing to be faulty. If the product has been tampered with, upgraded, serviced or repaired by any unauthorised persons, all benefit under this warranty shall be forfeited;
    Note: –

    • Ace Computer World is not liable for any consequential loss whatsoever and or loss of data resulting from any malfunction or failure of the product.
    • The products are not warranted in any way whatsoever, regarding compatibility, connectivity or the product to perform certain functions.
  6. This warranty does not cover claims or loss:
    • Arising from accidental damage, electrical mishap or power surge, misuse, fire, explosion, earthquake, malicious damage, storm, flood, water or other liquid damage, aircraft impact, burglary or theft, or any other items that do not relate to failure due to defect.
    • Arising from relating to the attached or incorporation or installation or alternative items, peripherals, software or components.
    • Arising out of or relating to reformatting of the hard disc or flexible diskettes of any product, or any other deletion of software and/or data.
    • Arising from failure due to normal wear and tear.
    • For any other property damage, third party damage, or related damage.
  7. You must contact Ace Computer World first prior to returning any products for refunds or warranty.
  8. When goods are returned for warranty and the product is no longer available or repairable with new parts, Ace Computer World will at the sole discretion of the Manufacturer repair using used parts or replace with an equal or similar product.
  9. Ace Computer World DOES NOT accept returns for incorrectly ordered, incompatible or unsuitable goods, so please select your goods carefully before placing your order.
  10. Ace Computer World DOES NOT accept goods returned for refunds if they have been opened/used/damage/modified as we will not be able to return the product to our supplier, so check carefully that you have the correct product to suit your needs before opening the packaging.
  11. Shipping costs or any financial charges are non-refundable.
  12. Ace Computer World DOES NOT offer ‘instant’ replacement or ‘advance’ replacement for failed items. We do our best to speed up the process of warranty returns provided all returned products meet the warranty terms and conditions.
  13. There will be no credit or refund given on the price difference of ordered items due to price drops once the product has been confirmed, processed and shipped out. Prices of computer parts are volatile and we do not control price fluctuations.
  14. If goods received are not as ordered, please inform Ace Computer World within 24 hours of receiving the delivery. Do not open any packaging or use the item/s as this will be deemed to be acceptance of the goods and they will not be accepted for returns.
  15. Cancellation of an order where it involves a computer system being built will result in a 20% restock fee being deducted for the loss of our time in preparing and handling of the goods.
  16. Ace Computer World DOES NOT accept cancellations for specially ordered items as we are unable to return them. You will be advised when an item is sold as ‘Non Returnable’.
  17. Ace Computer World DOES NOT accept cancellations after a product has been packed and shipped.
  18. The title of ownership to any extra or incorrect goods shipped as result of our error; remain with Ace Computer World until the matter is resolved.